"Life is too short to wear boring Jewelry"

The “SPARKLY TOUR” doesn’t represent the entire collection we ensure in our stores but rather reflects some of our beautiful jewelry pieces we crafted with passion. Receiving customers in our stores is always our first priority; personal and direct communication allows us to preserve our main objective: client’ satisfaction.

Your visit is always highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate and come for an on-ground “tour” where you will be enchanted.


"People will stare. Make it worth their while"

-Harry Wintson-

Half Set

"For me jewelry is a way of keeping memories alive"

-Marylin Monroe-

Pendant & Crosses

"I have enough jewelry"

-Said no one ever-


"Big girls need big diamonds"

-Elizabeth Taylor-


"Jewelry is like the perfect spice it always complements what's already there."



"I feel Naked Without Jewelry"

-Olivia Thirlby-


"Jewelry has the power to be This one little thing that can make you feel unique"

-Jennie Kwon-

Charming Miscellaneaous

"Jewelry takes people's mind off your wrinkles."

-Sonja Henie-

Men's Jewelry

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend"

-Marylin Monroe-

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